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Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

Originally Posted by CapAquaPis View Post
I was born in 1980 before MMR shots and I needed...8-10 vaccines by the time I was 4, just when I'm diagnosed with mild or high-functioning autism. My family and I don't believe in the autism-vaccination link theory despite how popular these ideas are (Jenny McCarthy, who claimed to "cured" her 12 year old son from autism is a huge proponent), because my family on both sides: Dad's has a history of mental disorders and learning disabilities (my half-sis, bro and nephew) and I've learned Mom's have the possibility of Asperger's (my uncle and cousin from my aunt believe they have it).

Grace30, about 3 years ago, an Italian doctor "discovered" a link between vaccines and homosexuality (later with transgenderism). I don't believe in this nonsense either. He believes autism, homosexuality and whatever was "not commonly found" in children 50-60 years ago was all because "vaccines" aren't around then and when they appeared, there goes the rates of autism (and homosexuality or transgenderism) went sky high.
Autism (although the name is new) is really just a neurological disorder. A disorder of the brain/ nervous system.
It is very significant to note that the symptoms of autism are the SAME as symptoms of mercury poisoning, and can vary in severity depending on exposure. Mercury is poisonous to the brain .

In your case it is quite feasible that the series of shots you got (containing mercury + other chemicals) at such a young age caused some damage to your nervous system.

It's not only MMR shots that cause damage. (-although in particular since the MMR was added, cases of neurological disorders have skyrocketed)

As to your family history, who knows what environmental toxins they were exposed to. Neurological damage can occur in more than one way. Vaccines are another pathway- more direct one - for toxic chemicals to enter the brain.
(I wonder astrologically, what is the condition of your mercury and/or 3rd house.. etc? )

btw Re your comment @ Grace30, about someone trying to draw a connection between "homosexuality" and vaccines...I agree this is absurd and ludicrous since homosexuality can hardly be classified as a nervous system disorder. (Just goes to show that becoming a Dr. doesn't automatically indicate intelligence and commonsense)

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