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Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

Originally Posted by WHYNOT View Post
Thanks Rahu. ( Only person so far with commonsense) I'm glad you pointed this out. I was wondering about it.
Vaccines of course are drugs, so this is cause for concern. I'm no good at interpreting charts, but I'm hoping there might be further elaboration eg a comment about ruler of 6th house (would that be mars in this case) etc

therer is another point. the US is (or was)the only industrialized country that allows pharma corporations to advertise on TV. for good reason. did anyone heard of restless foot syndrome until the pharma gangsters created a drug for this syndrome?

another point ,it is well known that the fda has given drug companies carter blanche. that is the testing is insufficient.
it is known that it is better to take a drug that has a least a 10 year history. the newest drugs can be dangerous . but the pharma corporations can make billions of dollars while paying indemnity of a few hundred million to the people who have been killed or damaged.

it is a rip off.
look at the"health care:". elderly people are being left to die with no treatment.,.. sorry there is no opening for 6 ,months madam.

mrsa which is considered a antibiotic trersistant disease is easily treatable with a myriad of herbs or homeopathic treatments. one is allicin a garlic derivative. it will kill the mrsa infection but if your doctor finds out you try this, he will drop you immediately and the pharma corporations will not developed a natural derivative because they can not patent it. so the medical establishment would rather put patients on IVs of opiates while the mrsa eats their bodies til they die, to the tune of 163,000 per years(of course the cdc alyters these numbers so they can ignore mrsa.the cdc said mrsa is not a problem anymore because only 2-3 cases are diagnosed per month in the hosptials. total lie. hospitals refuse to test for mrsa....
it is all about money , not about health.
in fact the NWO wants to reduce the population by 95%,so they clearly are not going to try to extend life. this is very apparent with older people.
I will not get into the litany of lies that Kaiser has given my 85 year old mother as they refuse to treat a serious sinus infection....they simply will wait for her to die. this is the reality
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