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Lightbulb Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

Originally Posted by Marinka View Post
Regardless of the vaccine issue, there is another issue in that you are asking for information on a chart and you are neither that person who's chart it is or the guardian of that person and hence, professional astrologers (depending on their code of ethics) may not be likely to provide this information.
I had to double post to comment on something else brought up in the thread: professional astrologers (I seen this issue discussed on YT vids) follow their own ethics (usually this is common among them) do not want to dwell in negativity the find or give warnings about people's charts or horoscopes, esp. when it involves babies and children. If a parent knows astrology well enough and wanted to find out these things about their children, they'll do it on their own time. Sure, parents want to know if their child will grow up healthy, safe and sound...and want to protect the child from potential threats or dangers.
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