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Question Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

I was born in 1980 before MMR shots and I needed...8-10 vaccines by the time I was 4, just when I'm diagnosed with mild or high-functioning autism. My family and I don't believe in the autism-vaccination link theory despite how popular these ideas are (Jenny McCarthy, who claimed to "cured" her 12 year old son from autism is a huge proponent), because my family on both sides: Dad's has a history of mental disorders and learning disabilities (my half-sis, bro and nephew) and I've learned Mom's have the possibility of Asperger's (my uncle and cousin from my aunt believe they have it).

Grace30, about 3 years ago, an Italian doctor "discovered" a link between vaccines and homosexuality (later with transgenderism). I don't believe in this nonsense either. He believes autism, homosexuality and whatever was "not commonly found" in children 50-60 years ago was all because "vaccines" aren't around then and when they appeared, there goes the rates of autism (and homosexuality or transgenderism) went sky high.
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