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Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

WHYNOT, my Mercury is in Scorpio too, and you and I have opposing views on this, so.

If you are ill and in hospital and they tell you you need a vaccine, what do you say? Is it okay to get a vaccination when you are already sick, or is it bad all of the time? What about other modern medical advancements? Do you take Panadol when you have a headache? These are things produced by major pharmaceutical companies. Boycotting vaccines but taking prescription or over the counter medications or accepting vaccinations when you are already unwell is nonsensical.

Also, they are not certain why autism rates appear to be on the rise. Logic says it's connected with lifestyle and environment (diet etc) or genetics. The vaccine-autism link has been discredited by non biased sources so many times. There is no logical connection. But you can also argue that autism isn't actually on the rise - we are just more aware of it now, more inclined to notice signs and get a diagnosis early on etc. And with an increasing population = increasing diagnoses of disorders like autism. Do you believe there is a link between vaccines and ADD/ADHD, OCD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, Bipolar etc. because all of these are also on the rise.
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