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Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

Originally Posted by horarymaster View Post
What investigation are you talking about ! You mean, specifically researching articles through the google search engine on the internet and then - like you - laying links to these anecdotal sites on AW ! LOL

Whoopedee Doo !

That's NOT research, my friend, that's "bs" ! LOL

I would prefer seeing an independently supervised and financed research study at a major university and medical school, like the Mayo Clinic - not financed by the drug or pharmeceutical industry - but beta tested on like, 10,000 babies, and over a period of YEARS, using the scientific method, with placebo injections on a set number of subjects, then the real serum on others, before we can even BEGIN to ascertain who is telling the "truth."

Now, your New Zealand Ministry of Health claims on their website that
have performed such stringent studies on a number of their vaccines, prior to releasing these vaccines for public consumption.

Why don't you comment on those studies before you start up your "attack" dog mode. LOL

Regarding the toddler's chart, there is every indication that this child, approaching two years of age, is a healthy and vibrant "normal" child.

Natal Mars, ruler of the 6th house of health, found in Gemini,and there is also natal Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Gemini.

Mars also makes a partile square with Neptune in Pisces, but also connects with a sextile to Uranus.

Mars and Neptune in challenging aspect (90 degree square) speaks about allergies and possible allergic reactions to certain types of anaesthetics, such as used during surgery.

Mars and Neptune can sometimes indicate problems related to the feet or peculiar health problems?

However. to say that the child would develop reactions to vaccines based on Mars/Neptune is sheer speculation at this point and only lab tests performed by a physician or paediatrician would confirm that ?

However, Mars and Uranus sextile shows a rather strong physical constitution and resiliancy to potential disease.

Sun conjunct Jupiter is another protective influence regarding overall health.

Mercury in Cancer conjunct Moon in Cancer is about stomach related problems, such as colic, and indigestion.

There may well be food allergies, as well?

Finally, we have a complex aspect called a fanhandle, between Moon, Mercury and Venus, and Pluto in opposition.

"Fanhandles" can have the properties of the yod and opposition combined, and can sometimes suggest preledictions and tendencies, and possibly, phobias - ie psycho-somatic illnesses and symptoms.

They typically play out in certain relationships.

I would need more information from the parents before I will comment, further.

("AW! LOL, Whoopede Doo" ???? )

Fy i , I do scientific research. I have good critical thinking and analytical skills. (merc in Scorpio helps) I have investigated vaccines for past 2 years.

I have uncovered a very significant and revealing study that was done in 2011, which demonstrates that the science establishment already knew about Blood Brain Barrier becoming PERMEABLE in neo natals due to "systemic inflammation" (ie fever), and that substances can enter the brain & nervous system which ordinarily should not. Not only that, but the permeability can persist for some time. The study also showed that neurological effects do not become obvious at once, some manifesting after considerable time.

It's obvious to me and doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is how/why vaccines , with all their adjuvants are hazardous.
It is well known that aluminium & mercury are neuro toxins. To say nothing of all the other questionable substances.

In the 1970's babies got a total of 9 vaccines. Now it's over 40. It's crazy.
The autism rates have gone up exactly this way. They pretend they don't know the cause, but it's obvious. One doesn't need to wait for "scientific proof", it will never come. Too much $$ at stake.

It is a joke to suggest I go to the M.O H website to find reliable information. It takes at least 10 or 15 years for new knowledge to become mainstream, and Govt institutions are the last place to update. Besides they get large financial endorsements, so conflict of interest straight away, and Truth goes out the door.

Doctors, in general get all their info from pharmaceutical companies. They do not have time to do any independent research. They believe what they are told.

Re "anecdotal" evidence. If you think about it, ALL cases start off as "anecdote" eg Thalidomide cases..Anecdote is the earliest stage of any controversy.

Finally, OBVIOUSLY the links I posted above don't comprise the sum total of my research. I provided them them for quick reference.

Thanks for your astrological insights. On Astrodienst it specifically mentions that Mars square neptune must be cautious about drugs, all ones life... even Dr. prescribed ones. I was wondering about the moon/ merc afflictions with Uranus. That's interesting what you pointed out re stomach. Andrew Wakefield discovered a problem to do with the gut that autism cases all had

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