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Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

Originally Posted by grace30 View Post
Ignoring astrology, it is irresponsible to not get your children vaccinated. The continued eradication of disease relies on herd immunity.

I also find it grating because my dad died from Meningococcal Meningitis back in 1995 when it was extremely rare in Australia, and now they have vaccinations for particular strains of Meningococcal and I cannot imagine why anyone would choose to forego that. It's the most hideous disease. He was diagnosed on July 1st and was taken off life support on July 19th. Such a rapid decline. To know people are willing to risk their lives and their health over the slim chance that they'll have an adverse reaction to the vaccine is beyond me. I don't mean to lecture you (and I don't want to come across as rude because that's not my intention!), but drawing from person experience, this topic just angers me.

Regardless, it is up to your daughter what she does with her child.

Sad about your dad, but it was just fate.
Contrary to popular belief , meningitis IS NOT A TRANSMISSABLE DISEASE.
You should do some reading -
Drug induced meningitis...
vaccine induced meningitis...

As to "herd immunity" - this is a misuse of the original. It can NEVER be achieved with the use of vaccines, since they do not achieve life long immunity, eg measles oubreaks amongst already vaccinated happens regularly but is lied about in media.

Another popular LIE is that vaccines caused polio, smallox etc to decline.

Check out the graphs which show that these diseases were well in decline BEFORE vaccines introduced-

I get fed up with people who do NO independent investigation.
You need to understand REALITY today= we live in CORRUPT times.
Pharmaceutical /vaccine industry is corrupt. They regularly lie & falsify data. So is the FDA. Even govts are corrupt. Ditto mainstream media (= just a giant business enterprise). EVERYTHING is about $$$Profit. They drown out anyone/anything that threatens their profits. That includes telling the TRUTH.
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