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Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

Originally Posted by horarymaster View Post
ALL babies are required by law to be vaccinated, otherwise, you risk your grandchild getting banned from public schools, summer camps, and worse.

As a parent, I completely disagree with your philosophy.

As an example of places where children are not widely vaccinated, try Africa and India.

In those places, children do die of infectious diseases and you would be in tatters if that happened to your own grandchild.

As a parent myself , I find your ready acceptance of , and lack of investigation into the propaganda and bogus science practised by the vaccine industry very disturbing.

"All babies are required by law..." - Fortunately so far I don't live in a police state. Vaccination being made compulsory by law is a breach of human rights.

Re " Africa & India.." Those places also don't have soaring autism rates, which speaks volumes. Infectious diseases in those countries are due to malnutrition & lack of hygiene

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