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Re: "I'm THAT child!"

Your moon and saturn are in square aspect, suggesting your mother endured financial hardships in childhood and you therefore have become emotionally reserverd and cautious. Saturn also has a square to venus and this again shows not feeled loved or cherished from childhood. You may always feel that you have to 'give out' twice as much love as that you receive back.

When a sun sign is conjunct a heavyweight planet from Saturn onwards, ie: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, that sun person automatically becomes and honorary Saturian, Uranian, Neptunian and Plutonian cos the contact with very strong
Sun conj uranus shows a strong rebellius streak

T Pluto will not make it's first contact with moon til Jan/feb 2012

These transits bring intensity and passion to the feelings, a tendency to act on impulse, some irrational or compulsive behavior, and likely a stronger awareness of your deeper emotional needs.
Habits that spring from deeply ingrained fears are brought to the fore, and Pluto challenges you to face them, as well as to examine your deepest attachments--to people, things, conditions, and attitudes. It's very hard to listen to reason during this period of your life--even your own!

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