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Re: "I'm THAT child!"

@Venus in Scorpio

Your pretty much right on the money. I had a high school sweetheart who was pretty athletic, I always thought he was my Mars sign, but I only know his Sun sign and that was Leo. No clue on the rising. However, I don't know if he should recieve an aspect because I'm unsure if the timing is off in applying the aspects. My next was an Aquarius rising, Taurus sun sign who had two grand trines and a cradle. Very earthy they say, & he was 9 years older than me at the time we dated. Our relationship lasted for 3 years, while I was in college. He was very artistic and philosophical. My most recent ex,-same age, but he's two months older- is a Virgo/Libra cusp. Virgo Sun sign/Scorpio rising but is honestly a little bit of it all. We dated for 8 years. He also has Venus in Scorpio in the 12th-falling, I believe as they identify it, Saturn in the tenth, and has a Venus square Mars aspect, which I just realized.

Someone once said, that I would date a Mars man, a Saturn guy and marry a man with Pluto aspects. I didn't realize I had Neptune thrown in there too. How do you deduce the timing of each relationship?
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