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Re: Binge eating 12th house..

Originally Posted by CaprLibraSquared View Post
I have struggled with disordered eating since I was 13. My go to for the last 8 years has been binge eating. Mostly LARGE quantities (Jupiter) of sugared food (Venus). As I age my body really can't take it, which has led to digestive issues (Virgo). I've worked on emotionally for years (Moon), but can't seem to really get a handle on it. …………………...

BUT I am curious about the astrology and maybe naively so.
Computer check-up, so I'm behind in a response to your query.

Do you notice anything particular about the coloured comments you made that are highlighted by planets? They are all in aspect in your chart.

You seem to understand the physical and nutrition aspects already explained to you by others. Have you considered that there could be psychological emotional causes? Modern astrology always takes psychosomatic conditions into account when physical issues occur.

Whenever I see harsh aspects from Venus I think, 'how's the individual's love life'? The receiving and expression of it in all its forms?
Venus issues in health can often see Venus playing the substitute role of con-fection sweetness for 'the real thing' that is based on affection shown by love. Moon has the obvious associations with the biological mother.

Although other systems can provide different house cusps, the angles of a chart always remain the same. In the chart shown, Cancer is on the 7th house cusp, ruler Moon, and it rules everything regarding how the individual feels regarding and its attitude towards (reception of) the you-I of/in personal relationships. Moon in Aquarius has a reputation for lack of expressing a personally caring/ feeling nature, although it is there for all around it, yet to/with whom there is no attachment through personal bonding.
Venus is different. It desires commitment with another, usually through the expression of "if you love me, SHOW it." Venus rules both Taurus on 4th house cusp, and Libra either on cusp of, or intercepted in 9th house. Natal Sun is in Libra in 9th house, and makes no contact with Venus (orb too wide).
Virgo li(v)es in everyone. It has a reputation for being brittle. If a planet is in the sign, it's not exactly harsh in any judgement making (Jupiter influence from Leo), but it can definitely use its discriminative side to dot the 'i's and cross the 't's of any situation with which it contends (8th house, or intercepted in it?). A bitterness can arise, for which sugar can be a comforter.
Moon rules the stomach (the intake of food; also first impressions). Virgo rules the digestive system (how is food digested = how are impressions digested)!!

A 'harshness' can arise from difficult aspects, yet can also be found in Capricorn and its ruler Saturn. Capricorn is on Ascendant and Saturn in Aries (lack of assertivity = lethargic???). Venus is exact degree inconjunct (stress) Saturn in the chart. You may not like the way situations other than food intake play a role in life, but do you do anything about them?
The Moon-Jupiter-Neptune T-square is a strong indicator of how 'feelings', as a rsult of situations, can get to you.

From the position of natal Chiron (inner pain), you have undergone its return to its birth position. Have you been able to deal with those issues that brought about a Chiron in Pisces situation? Many websites will explain its natal and return relevance. Chiron forms a T-square with the Mars-Pluto-Uranus square. You may find that it is the source of the anger you live with 'inside'. Mars-Pluto are explosive at the least of times, and Uranus could add the nitro that sets it off.

Transit Saturn and Pluto through Capricorn in the 1st house could be an excellent time to deal with the issues of the past. You cannot change them, but you do have it in your power to lay them to rest. You could experience it as a liberation …. which may also bring relief to the yearning and subsequent digestive issues.

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