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Re: Test Results

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Abby, so sorry about your news, but at least you have something to go on. Venus rules sweets and sugar, so possible blood sugar issues did show up in this chart. Are you trying one of the diets that cuts out most carbohydrates?

The moon rules both the stomach and the pancreas, which manufactures insulin. I looked up herbs that support the pancreas, but didn't find much consistency across the various articles. However, none of the herbs listed in this article seem dangerous.
Thanks Waybread. I've been on a diabetes diet since i had gestational diabetes in 2012. I had the diabetes test in 2014 which showed i didnt have diabetes. And even though im still on that diabetes diet, somehow i still have insulin resistance. So if im already on the diet, im not sure what will work. My mum has type 2 diabetes and insulin medication and diet didnt work for her either. her diabetes was triggered by 6 cortisol injections.

I see the specialist next week but it is rather annoying. ive always had a knowing of my own personal hypersensitivity to sugar. I mean even as a child i felt sick eating any white or wholemeal flour products, pasta or rice and high sugar foods. It's definitely genetic. I mean i know ppl who drink soft drink all day every day and their sugar levels are always fine.
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