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Re: Administrative assistant - 6th or 10th house

[QUOTE=triplecancer;1008967]Thank you Aria venue and waybread.

I didn't understand very well the part about the moon not being able to aspect venus. Is it always the case in horary that two applying planets can't make aspect if there's another one "in the middle" (in this case Jupiter)?[/Q

HELLO triplecancer
No this is not always the case.It depends.In some cases, the planets will be connected indirectly, either by translation or by collection of light. Both imply an involvement of a third party in the question, which brings the significators together.
Translation of Light: a (quicker) planet connects the two (slower) significators.
Collection of Light: two (quicker) planets cast an aspect to a third, slower planet.

lets see in your case as n example....we would venus to have separated from Jupiter previously and then moon applying to jupiter but without having found sun in this way Jupiter could collect both their lights..cause in this case jupiter as the slower planet can connect both venus and moon, the two lighter planets.but venus separated from mercury before and moon from jupiter cannot bring them together.

you can find several articles online explaining the basics

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