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Re: marriage and career query

Originally Posted by Tweety View Post
Hello astrologers,

With upcoming Jupiter transit and Jupiter MD for the native, can you predict when the native will get married and how the spouse will be?
Will it be a love marriage?

Also, how will the native's career be? any chances of settling abroad due to work?

Any good/special yogas in this horoscope?
any advice for the native?

Vedic chart from astrodienst is attached for quick reference.

13 feb 1992
6:45 am
New delhi

You've uploaded a western chart, and this is Vedic section, so don't mind the differences in results.

You're not double aquarius in Vedic, but double Capricorn in Vedic (Asc + Sun in Capricorn)

So it would mean double the ambition, organization, goal-seeking, coldness, pessimism and everything that goes along with Capricorn's hidden sensitivity.

When you add to that Moon in Taurus, your sense of security is tied only to material things in possession. You should learn that there are other values in life.

Venus in Sag in 12th house - In matters of love, you are looking for someone you can grow with, someone who can expand your world and your consciousness. You are attracted to someone who is fun-loving, playful, and open to adventure and new experiences. Traveling together, meeting new people and exploring new vistas is particularly enjoyable. You want to be able to share your dreams, aspirations and ideals with your mate. It is very important to you that you have a spiritual or intellectual rapport with your love partner, perhaps more important than the emotional/physical relationship. You are not especially sentimental and your partner may feel that you are too casual and not serious or romantic enough. You idealize love. Always on the lookout for better chances, you may not stay long with a partner who doesn't help you to grow or provide you with enough excitement. You desire to share a love of God, expressed through religious devotion and a love of man, expressed through philanthropy and charity with the one you choose to love. You might also have a secret relationship (cheating) and may indulge in too much sex, drugs or eating.

Moon in 5th house of Taurus: There is a constant search for pleasure and emotional self-expression. Activities concerning children are pronounced. Too much emphasis may be placed upon having a good time and being the center of attention. There are mood swings and fickleness in love affairs. A heightened desire to feel loved and important may need to be controlled. You are a pleasure-seeking person with a lot of charm. Fluctuating emotions may interfere with your creativity. Concerning vocation: The theatrical, exhibitionist, creative dimensions of the work needs are increased. Teaching and taking care of children are emphasized. Speculation and the dramatizing of all experiences are possible.

Jup in 8th house of Leo: You are optimistic and you have faith in your fellowman. There may be financial gain through marriage, partnerships or inheritances. Use your psychic abilities so you can benefit, uplift, and heal mankind. Gain, opportunity and expansion through the use of other people's money is possible.

Mars in Asc of Cap - possibility of scars on native's head. Something like Harry Potter. Also, rushes to make decisions about oneself - not careful enough.

Ketu 6th house of Gemini - builds fear of the government in the native. Such a person can also get involved in criminal and shady behavior. This is also an adverse placement of Ketu for maternal relatives as it causes lack of peace and happiness to them.

Ven/Rahu/Uranus/neptune - huge conjunction 12th house - You are rather high-strung and you may have the habit of biting your nails, cracking your knuckles or some other fidgety habit. Get yourself a hobby that requires the use of your hands so you won't be so anxious and annoying to others with your little idiosyncrasies. And work a little on being less self-centered. You are also rebellious and highly spiritual with possibilites of psychic abilities.

Mars/Sun/Sat conjunction in Asc - This is a conjunction of three malefic planets thus apparently quite detrimental to one’s success. This is not considered an auspicious three planets conjunction in Vedic astrology as here Sun and Mars are under the malefic influence of Saturn, which is their mutual enemy. A conjunction of Sun, Mars and Saturn results in failures for the native. Such a person struggles with endless challenges in life and success is either denied or delayed. For the most part, they have to remain in a miserable state.

These natives can be too confrontational in nature at times. Moreover, they lack wisdom and sense of righteousness. Such a person usually depart life away from their native place, usually due to some mishap involving fire, weapon, jail or poison. Possible bodilfy disfunctions.

You might end up with a Capricorn, Leo or Cancer Sun sign (in Vedic, those start later than in western; cap starts 15.1., Leo starts 15.8. and Cancer starts 15.7. ) You either need your partner to fully understand you and work with you on your shared goals, or you need someone to take care of you like a father takes care of daughter, and someone romantic.

Whatever you're waiting for, will come later (30 years +) so expect to wait a few more years and work on yourself till then.

Your career will have to give you some status symbols in society. Your ego relies on what other people think of you. Spiritual path is quite possible for you, and if not, you will work in organizing (events, management) or teaching (kindergarten teacher?).


Jupiter: When Jupiter moves into 7th house from where Moon is positioned at the time of birth, native begins to experience relief in certain areas. Businesspersons start looking for new partnerships. Your relationship with seniors also improves. Understanding with spouse and children also gets a boost. Overall, you enjoy a good health, cordial relationships and better status. Some fruitful travels also take place during this time. This period is also marked by strong marriage prospects. You social life remains hyperactive too and you enjoy being with friends. You're in this period NOW.

Having Jupiter move into your 8th house from Moon means you will now have to work harder to succeed in life. This period may have you spending excessively and travelling a lot. Some sudden issues in business could also crop up. Health may also dip during this period. You should be careful in litigation matters too. It would be best to avoid any arguments with family and friends to maintain peace. This period will start for you in 6 days.

Saturn: Ashtama Shani is the inauspicious transit of planet Saturn through the 8th house from birth Moon (also called Moon Ascendant). The 8th house, being the 12th house of loss from the 9th house of all good fortunes, signifies all misfortunes – ill health, humiliations, loss of wealth, imprisonment, death, etcetera.

Therefore, even those people with the best of birth horoscopes may have to suffer severe breakdown of luck during Saturn's transit in the 8th sign from natal Moon. Ashtama Shani is a time of God's judgement on the native.

In this 8th house transit, Saturn throws his malefic aspects on the 10th, 2nd, and 5th houses of the natal Moon chart, causing serious damages to the significations of those houses, namely, career, income, health, wealth, family, mental wellness, children, etcetra, and subjecting the psyche to terrible pains.

As a result, the native's mind and body may go for a total toss, if their maraka dasa/bukhti also runs concurrently during that time.

Possibilities of suicide and/or dying - seek psychiatric help if life is indeed this bad for you!

Expect at least hospitalization or surgery could form for some. You may not get the desired support from your friends during this time. Some conflicts could arise with them in fact. Minor hiccups would be there in work life as well. You should not sing your praises but instead work harder. This would also help you retain your current job.

__________________________________________________ __________

The female native of the Rohini Nakshatra is well-mannered and well-dressed. Though she is very weak from inside, outside she makes believe that she is a very strong person. This native is pragmatic, but can be very hot tempered and even violent when provoked.

The female native of the Rohini Nakshatra is capable of doing any type of work entrusted to her. This native has an average education, and is ideally suited to pursue the profession of a fashion designer.

The female native of the Rohini Nakshatra will enjoy her family life. She will love her husband, which will be equally reciprocated, and children, who will give her great pleasure. However, she sometimes develops a tendency to suspect her husband out of jealousy, and if she does not control this tendency, her marriage can even end up in a divorce.

Your lord is Moon so let's check the Moon transit.

Moon is trainsiting 7th house after the natal Moon. Moon in seventh house from natal Moon brings foreign deals and profits from foreign associations. Love and romance increase in life. You enjoy a healthy and happy relationship with spouse. Income also shoots up in this time. Your social life improves too and the number of friends of opposite gender increase. You also achieve success in endeavors and partner is very encouraging of your efforts too. This is a good time to travel as well.

Travelling, if possible, might help you wait out the bad parts of the Jupiter transit. Let me know if there's anything i should double check. I realize the things here are not as good as you would like them, but then again, neither is life always. Besides, now that you're forewarned, you might take the necessary steps to minimize the damage taken in the next 8 months until the Saturn moves to 9th house from natal moon.

We're all with you there!
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