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Test Results

Hi everyone,

Im happy to say I saw the hormone specialist today. The last doctor I saw was not a real hormone specialist (mistake made by gp), so here i am again. This specialist believes that I 'may' have a cortisol/steroid issue and/or type 2 diabetes still. She has given me 4 tests to do. Basically, all i want to know is if the test will show that there is an issue with me or not.

Interestingly, when i look at the chart i see venus and moon in scorpio, both in detriment/fall. venus is a planet i attribute to diabetes, especially poorly aspected or poor dignity. Mars is the natural ruler of the adrenals, which work to release cortisol in times of stress. Mars is in fall in libra but has mutual reception with venus. And mars being cadent, could it be safe to say that this chart shows my adrenals are not functioning properly?

Anyway, back to my question -
How do i see what the tests will say? will they show something? or not? Im doing the blood glucose test, saliva test, urine test, and some other cortisol blood test.
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