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Re: Please about interpetation

My birth date and time are on my natal chart which I have given. Yes, I wanted an interpretation of natal chart, especially for nowadays days.
My astro-cartograph:
I come from Central Poland.

My question? From September and many months/years earlier yet I feel depressed. I guess it can be a difficult transit of my Saturn (especially to Mars, Neptune, Sun) and Moon. I don't have energy for nothing and I feel nervous, very depressed with thoughts which bothers my mind that I am the worst, that I have to be perfect to protect myself from bad people around, but I can't do it and I don't know why I should and how I should do that. By that situation I feel give a shame to others, to society and to myself. It makes me more nervous and the spiral of madness still goes around. I don't want to make a mistake, but I feel like a walking mistake. It makes me full of sadness and frustration about my character, look and general of everything that I am not like others who are stronger, happier, wealthier and general better than me etc. I am not possibile to trust to others or I am so naive and that worries me and my feelings most.

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