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Re: Uranus Sq Venus in Natal

Originally Posted by Harmelia View Post
The short answer is NO - Uranus square Venus will not make you a loser in relationships. You natal Moon in the 12th house could indicate solitude and isolation. In the sign of Libra, that could feel very lonely. We can always work with the energies we are born with. Nothing is written in blood. As I lost your chart when I started typing a reply, I now can't view your chart. I think I saw you had Sun in the 7th house of relationship, but I'm not sure. That is a very positive sign that relationships will happen, if true. If you respond in text with your Birth day, birth time and birth city, I'll bring your chart up on my computer so I can study it further and make a more definitive response.

Thank you Harmelia for writing to me. I have heard so much bad stories about Uranus square Venus, it scares me. On this forum years ago I was told it could lead us for me to have a divorce and it does scares me.

People leave my life after some time, be it friends or any guy I like. I do not know what's being the problem. I would want to fix it to stop feeling so much lonely in life. I do have sun in 7th yes but I could never land in a relationship, I continuously got rejected.

Thanks for the positivity.
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