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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
A synastry is the comparison of two natal charts, the composite is the blending of these two to understand how the relationship itself works out and the Davison is a variation of this.
So, the aspects in the synastry are the basic exchange of energy, in the case of NN, each person's relationship themes and challenges. It is considered that the NN is where we are aiming for in this life, and the SN is what we carry over from the past. As we move along, the NN becomes stronger and the SN less so.
So, if someone's Venus conjuncts our NN it brings love, affection and friendship into our life, and the relationship between the two. How this acts out will be shown in the composite (and the Davison, which could vary from the midpoint composite).
The midpoints could show a different story depending on how the other planets line up, so planets in natal square in the synastry become trines in the composite, etc. Also in the natal the inner planets mercury and Venus are never more than a sign away from the sun, while in the composite they could be anywhere.
These are "pictures" of energy. They help us understand what we have on hand and how it all blends and therefore how we can work with it.
This does not mean that a specific outcome is guaranteed. It is we who determine it.
Sometimes things will go ahead, even in a very positive synastry between two people, and then just end, because neither needs the relationship anymore, and they move on.
Sometimes the energy is just too negative to deal with, and it ends for this reason.
There is no reason why a Venus/Node contact should inevitably end, or why it should necessarily continue. It is part of the larger picture.
If, for example, you say someone's Uranus is conjunct your NN, then chances are the contact would be sudden and also not long lasting, only because Uranus's energy is like that, it is easy come easy go. But if there are other lasting contacts between the charts, like strong Saturn ties, the relationship could remain and the Uranus energy would express itself in other ways, for example being an open relationship or both partners being involved in astrology!
So really, it is up to us.
Consider both natal charts, what each person seeks and how their patterns match up with what they both want and need. Then check the composite to see how it manifests together.
And don't think that one aspect can be a make-or-break of the relationship. One brushstroke doesn't make a painting, it's the whole together that matters.
Yea I’ve kinda started to think that every connection to an individual you have is so different from anybody else there is no “for sure” end or forever. Because like you say, looking at the Natals, certain aspects work for people In synastry that wouldn’t work in others. The last guy I was with, we had such an amazing synastry chart but I found him to be a liar and I can’t trust him and we didn’t have many sparks nor that good of a sex life where as the guy I’m with now we have almost as many good as bad (not sure which is heavier) and I’ve never been so in love and the sex is amazing. I don’t even get what aspects are doing this that didn’t do it in the other but it just was like that. So NN square Venus in synastry tends to be us figuring out how to solve what ever ‘issue’ (for lack of a better world) from a past life in this life but with a NN conjunct Venus in composite might be the attitude we have towards fixing this ‘issue’? I’m kind of seeing it like this “(because of NN square Venus synastry) in our past live(s) we couldn’t figure out how to express this love properly and need to solve the conflicts we had of the heart but (because of NN conjunct Venus in composite) we could progress and figure this out in an effective way as that is the overall attitude of that aspect/contact in the composite” and it could either finally “fix” or “complete” (for lack of a better word) that negative karmic tie and we can be better for eachother in the next life or by completing it there is no more struggle with that aspect (NN square Venus) and have more ease of our hearts connecting and continue this relationship. Does this sound crazy? Haha I’m still learning the ties of all the charts but that’s how I was perceiving it thus far?
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