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Administrative assistant - 6th or 10th house


The question I asked was ďWill I get the job?Ē. I applied for an administrative assistant job at an embassy. Iím not sure if I should use 6th or 10th house. I know there are some astrologers who say that 10th house is more for management jobs, and 6th house more for this type of job (assistant). But then there are some astrologers who say that the 6th house is for employees who work for you, and 10th house for all jobs. So, Iím confused.

If I use the 10th house, then that means that I am Venus and job is Moon. Moon (faces) is applying a sextile to Venus (domicile) which is positive, but there is no reception between them. Could this still be a yes?

If I use the 6th house, then that means that I am Venus and job is Jupiter. Venus (domicile) is separating from Jupiter (domicile), but Moon is applying conjunction to Jupiter so translating light to Venus, right? Jupiter is in the terms of Venus and Venus is in the terms of Jupiter. Would this be considered a mutual reception?

The last aspect the Moon makes is the sextile to Venus (Mars changes sign before the Moon, so that wouldnít be the last aspect). The answer seems like a yes to me, especially if taking the 6th house as job.

What do you think? Iím not very experienced with Horary, so I would appreciate other opinions. Thanks!
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