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Re: What in my birth chart shows why I am always single?

Agree about your hidden talents!

You could also have some hidden enemies too (Mars = Men + Jupiter =expansive) so you may have a lot of dating competition behind the scenes. Another possibility: it may mean hidden aggression (either by you or others). Pluto energy is also magnifying what you have in the 12th and/or breaking it down. In contrast, Alec Baldwin has Mars aspecting Venus but it's in Aquarius (can mean "loud") so his aggression is right out there for all to see (about his loved ones).

Out of curiosity, have older women shown interest? There is quite a bit of Capricorn energy that may contribute to that.

Some astrologers say that the star or planet that is in proximity plays a part and I noticed Chiron (wounded) in the 11th (friends/hopes & dreams) next to your Venus. If you use that "healing" energy you may find your true love. Perhaps a friend (11th house) who is a healer (mind/body/spirit practitioner) would introduce you.

I noticed that you have 12 degrees in Capricorn btw. That is a very fortunate star.
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