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Re: Moon in the 3rd House

Originally Posted by druex View Post
Funny you mention being a psychologist because I've read many times that Moon in the 3rd House has good psychological insight others and is very intuitive about their environment (3H). Do you find this true for you? And I actually got my curious about my Moon's house placement because I did read as well the Moon is in it's joy in the 3H.

Yes, that’s true for me! I see/ feel behavioral patterns very quickly. People often ask me if I’m psychic, I think I'm intuitive but mainly well-trained by observing those around me For me it also feels true that my moon is in its joy, I think that without this placement I couldn’t have coped so well with my emotions.

Would love to know what your moon sign is? If you want to share of course! Are you intuitive about your environment as well?

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