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Originally Posted by VirgoMoon View Post
I have a moon in Virgo in the 3rd house The moon is ruler of my chart and I recently learned here that my moon is also the handle of the planets that form a bucket in my chart. So this placement has a lot of impact on my life. My IC is in the 3th house as well.

I'm very sensitive and I can also be sentimental (watching movies or when people help others) but I cope with my emotions by analyzing them. I read much about the human psyche (I’m also a psychologist) to gain more knowledge about my emotions. I also make a lot of art, walk outside, and do yoga. As a child I didn’t feel much control over my life and I tried to gain it by fixing myself, hoping that this would fix the situation outside me. This led to a perfectionistic style (virgo?). After absorbing lots of info, I often feel the need to share this with someone very close to me (3th house?). It helps me to process everything and order it. It’s a bit funny… They only have to say….. uhu aha ohh….. and meanwhile I get the deepest epiphanies. Also, a 3rd house thing I guess is that I have a few really close friends that are like family to me

Ps: a few months ago, I followed a workshop about the moon. I learned that the moon is happy in the 3rd house since this is the house of ‘the temple of the moon’ or ‘the temple of the goddess’.
Funny you mention being a psychologist because I've read many times that Moon in the 3rd House has good psychological insight others and is very intuitive about their environment (3H). Do you find this true for you? And I actually got my curious about my Moon's house placement because I did read as well the Moon is in it's joy in the 3H.
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