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Re: Prediction on Venezuela political crisis in 2019 with the help of Palmistry, Astr

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1) Here I attempt to analyse, with the help of Palmistry, Astrology & numerology the present situation of Venezuela in respect of who finally turns out to be winner/remain: (Juan Guaido born: 28 July 1983) (Nicholas Maduro born: 23 Nov 1963). Details extracted from Wikipedia.

2) I am tempted to judge with the aid of unclear palm photos, absence of authentic birth time; for which I had to leave out analysis through Astrology systems used for predicting time like Vimshottari dasa, multiple Narayan dasas, Yogini dasas, Tajik charts, Arudhas etc.

3) Both being Kumbha Rasi makes comparison more difficult. Transit Saturn in the 11th house in a strong upachaya, for both, while transit Jupiter is in 10th house till Oct 2019 (excluding end March to around 20 April 2019 when transit Mars enters the 4th house from their natal moon) triggers further news, action and activity.

4) Transit Mars traveling past its natal position to the 5th from the natal Moon in May 2019, along with numerological significations indicate Juan Guaido bottoming out from the most difficult period of lack of possible help to his present situation.

5) Their unclear palm photos (extracted from the internet), show the destiny line of Nicholas Maduro looking weaker, and that of Juan Guaido emerging at a different level with strength, with sister lines to his fate line supporting it; while both leaders having longer fingers of Apollo, betrays large capacity to take risks. I can say more on this, but I resist the temptation to comment on their palmar and facial physiognomy, which I am refraining from as the analysis would then talk of character & be personal.

6) Now utilising numerological energies with the supportive energies of astrology and specially palmistry, I am prone to believe that Nicholas Maduro faces a period of increasing negativity & inconstancy in 2019; when one is faced with indecision of action, as also the heart line is also troubling the line of destiny.

7) Juan Guaido faces much difficulties in 2019, when he feels a lack of support in his present endeavour, even from the people desiring to help him.

8) Also Juan Guaido gains ground with time & patience, as he gets released from May 2019 (see point no 4) he comes out better & especially more so after July/Aug 2019.

9) Finally, the first quarter 2020 sets Juan Guaido happily stronger in his path.

10) Juan Guaidos present success will be in proportion to the calculated efforts given; as nothing comes through providential, but sheer organisation, perseverance & effort; while he faces the challenge of constantly facing with adversaries/opponents in his coming years.

11) In the event of Juan Guaido remaining, he will need about 3 years to achieve stability; which is only possible on & from 2021.


An update:===

Reference points 3, 7 & 8 in my above quoted points, it may be noted that Russia sends planes to Venezuela as opposed to the ishes of USA; while an important aide of Guaido is kept prisoner...
I am referring to the Guaido not getting stable help from the countries trying to support & help him in 2019; though July/Aug 2019 onwards may begin to change the present problem. As mentioned news arrive from end March 2019 onwards.

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