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Re: Supreme Loneliness

Originally Posted by tikana View Post
I can see the problems

Merc retro alone sq saturn
Under sunbeams

1 unit till things improve but merc saturn is very worrysome since merc is extremely weak in sag .. once merc enteres cap it will bbetter
My family wants to do things against my wish, so much forcing to start dating for marriage - i am so not ready

I had few friends here - I asked each of them to help me when I was dealing with a legal problem. I just asked them to please help me in moving out as I had a window of few hours to move out from my previous apartment to avoid further complications. No one came forward except one guy. I realized I don't want to be friends with them anymore. I did not feel like to meet them again.

I was seeing someone but he preferred only sexual connection, no emotions attached.

I went to restaurants alone - came back crying that I don't have anyone to sit next to me to share a mere meal - no friends, no special someone or no family.

I go to work and hide in home rest of the time. I feel very bad for myself, I used to be very cheerful and fun girl.
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