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Re: Repeated Love Pain


Thanks for your time.

I don't know if another Venus in Pisces is the only answer. But it does work - I've seen it, so I agree.

My sister has Venus in Pisces. For 10 years, she was with a man. He never remembered aniversaries, or birthdays. Even if he did, he didn't care. She was shaken and hurt every time. They married, and now they're divorcing. Divorce takes many years in my country. It's normal to move on to a new partner before the law (which moves at the speed of a turtle) catches up. A new man. He writes love letters. He gives more flowers than you could find in a florest. He has Venus in Pisces.

Absolutely correct on it being a stellar match. I've seen it. I just hope it's not the only match. But, if this is the biggest of my challenges, then I will find this Venus in Pisces man of my dreams.

As for the rest, I think these are wise words of your's. I know what you mean. Certainly, looking back at my start in the dating world, I definitely took pity on "the broken types" and loved them anyway. I sometimes thought I could "fix them". No wonder I got hurt. But I thought - that I had left that far behind. That I've been looking for equal, selfless love, just like what I offer.

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