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Repeated Love Pain


Time to consult with my astrologer friends!

The last 2 years have been a great time for me to move forward on all fronts of my life and I was excited to do that with relationships.

But, sadly, I have to say I've had my heart broken quite a bit. Now, I think if we keep going through the same mistakes, we, ourselves are probably part of the problem.

This started when I first started dating. Looking back ten years ago, I thought, I was probably too idealistic and too romantic and sensitive for the real world. But now, ten years later, what's the reason? I genuinely believe some of these guys (male-male relationships) are real A*holes. I really am not the type to play with people's hearts. I don't lie, I don't cheat. I treat people with dignity and respect. And especially, having learned the hard lesson of how short life is last year, I've really been shaken up. I have no time for people with bad character. Honesty, good intentions and being upfront rule how I work with others.

Looking back at how things have unfolded, I don't think it's about me, and my sensitivity/idealism/romantic inclinations. I think it's simply not in everyone's character to know themselves and so be sure of what they want or to be truthful. And I think plenty of people are happy to just have their fun and scr*w everyone else.

Is it natal? Is it transits/progressions? What's going on here?
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