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Re: A Persuit To Unify Astrology And Science - A New Community On Reddit

Originally Posted by Zarathu View Post
When science gives up its reductionist approach and understands that the real world operates in Chaos and complexity theory. However, most of science now is caught up in the religion of scientism. Even grants for pure sceince in the USA are no longer administered by the National Science Foundation, but by the idiot politicos in Congress.

Actually, the darker of the two is the visible one. The Dark energy and Dark matter are all Light---so bright we can't even see them from our dark place.
I suspect dark matter/energy is a phantom result of an incomplete model, not a thing that actually exists. DM/DE is a name given to account for calculations that create anomalous gravitational effects, which does not prove it as an actual substance or physical reality. It seems like most of physics now is just making stuff up to make their models work instead of revising their models to fit evidence. The whole field is due for a paradigm shift.

So, in essence, I agree with you. But because current direction of physics is getting further from truth, not because we need to discover with DM/DE is.
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