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A Persuit To Unify Astrology And Science - A New Community On Reddit

Hello everyone. First of all I would like to tell you a little about myself. As a kid I grew up in a very scientific family, I received a good education however most of the knowledge that I consider significant I have obtained on my own. I would normally dismiss anything occult and related to astrology; however my quest to educate myself in many different spheres led me to read about how the "newspaper astrology" was total nonsense and the truth was much more complex and interesting. As I dove into the proper astrology and learned a lot about my chart I found out that most of it was correct; then I read even more and started obsessing about the idea that there must be a scientific explanation to all of this and this explanation is probably very simple, it's just that we do not have enough knowledge about how our brains operate and how it is connected to the changing radiation spectrum planets and heavenly objects emit over time.

I decided to start the subreddit called "Verum Integram" (The Whole Truth), which would be a place to speculate and discuss various ideas people may have regarding the science behind astrology. Obviously it is too early arrive at a definitive scientific proof since as I stated we are still in the process making discoveries about how the brain works and more we discover less we seem to know. But I feel like this is a proper time to start a debate, this knowledge and conversations will become useful as the time goes by for all of us.

Please join the community at Let's start making use of our knowledge in order to aid others on a much bigger scale.

P.S. I am also looking for people who know how to use CSS on reddit and are willing to become moderators so we can make the page look more attractive.


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