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Re: Virinchi Ji: namskaar: faith in Astrology and God

Originally Posted by Virinchi View Post
1. stop knowing when you feel it started getting too much.
2. everyone need not know their past life
3. freewill exists only for few who struggled through karmic effects in multiple lives and emerged as matured souls, for others its all written.

astro is a hobby for me(you can see that i dont post regularly in either forum).
i dont know what you want to know from me, but just in case if you think i can help, drop you email here.
or you can use paypal :
if you're not satisfied with me, i'll make sure you get a refund (but dont expect a quick reply.. i need time)

I know this is a bit too late to reply ... but what do you mean by . Freewill is only for souls who have struggled through lives and matured ? is there any kind of indicators in a persons chart to determine that ? if so , can you share your knowledge regarding that ?


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