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Re: Change of appearence

I have read that, about saturn being important and learning the needed lessons in a natal chart.
But....I either don't get the correct grasp of saturn or I not understanding your view, I'm not sure.
I would of seen saturn as. "I'm going to this posh event and I need to look respectable and accepted and fit in with the norm"
I would see a virgo asc with pluto asc as I want to look the 'best' I can, not just blending in, I want to make an impression.
What I mean by dressing inapropiatley, as opposed to just fitting in, so I go to the other extreme, which still makes an 'impression, but in an uranus way, in my eyes, ripped jeans, cool sleazy t-shirt and immpeccable make-up!
Which is actually what makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.
Its others who choose to make one feel they are not welcome by ridiculous dress codes for such functions.
So its a rebellion against whats expected that irritates the hell out of me.

I have a good saturn, I know how to be responsible when needed out of respect, say a funeral etc to someone I don't know that well.
I know how be responsible. I can work hard and know this a lessons needed in this world to survive. I am very practical and realistic also.
My uranus just wants to see everyone as they truly are, not a carbon copy of peer pressure and societys blinkered view of what someone should look like.

I suppose as this rattles me, it must be something that I need to look at in my chart, or something is triggering me at the moment, although its a long held belief of mine.
I love those who are not afraid to be noticed by something unusual, but I also have a great respect for some traditions and I like well made clothes and lately like to indulge in pampering myself when I can afford. (this is new to me, usually had great guilt about this)
My virgo respects the craft,my pluto twists it and uranus just does it his way.

Going slightly off topic now......sorry.

Just out of interest Miquar....??
Have you, or can you remember a time when you had a change of style and can you remember the planets involved at the time?

Did you rebel as a teenager and did your style show this?

Apparently not every teenager rebels.

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