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Re: Change of appearence

I guess its good to have access to the immature teenager and the responsible adult and be able to use each as appropriate.

The thing about either wanting to pull off the look perfectly or not try at all sounds Saturnian, because Saturn can fear failure and if one doesn't try then no-one can say that one tried and made a pig's ear of it! Saturnian self-sabotage can involve being afraid to try (eg just dressing down), but it can also compel one to do something that doesn't feel right (eg going all out to create a look which is above criticism). You have perhaps sometimes felt a little uncomfortable when dressing down and perhaps sometimes felt a little uncomfortable going all out to look the part. In both cases, the chosen route could be seen as a reaction to Saturnian fear - as Saturn's fears fall away, we are less likely to be worried about such things, though Saturn's healthy respect for etiquette may still result in dressing up where appropriate. As we find a greater sense of inner strength and integrity, we know how to strike a balance between respect for the expectations of others, and being ourselves. Then we feel comfortable with the result because we don't care about being criticised, and we also have a clear conscience about our choice.

Pluto on the ascendant aspecting the Sun and Venus could have issues around needing to feel in control of one's own appearance, as I think I mentioned earlier in this thread. But even this connects naturally to Saturn, regardless of whether aspects link Saturn to the Pluto ascendant Sun Venus configuration. When Saturn is well developed everything else in the chart flows better, especially the connection with the outer planets.
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