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Re: Change of appearence

Hi. I think an afflicted planet would come up against fears during process of change (there were probably fears around the afflicted planet anyway, but the fear of change tends to be greater than the fears around what already is). There might be a resistance to change, followed by a sudden and over-the-top change due to the build up of energy over time.

Venus square Pluto obviously has a need to change its sense of what feels beautiful and worthwhile every now and again. In order to feel beautiful and worthwhile, we may turn to our physical appearance (and to what this symbolises to us, and what kinds of reactions it will arouse in others). Venus Pluto probably tends to strongly resist attempts by others to influence such Venusian issues as these, but may sometimes attract people into life who try to do just this. Thus the hard aspect between these planets can manifest as power struggles around values and beauty. There is sometimes rivalry with the Mother, which sets complexes in motion which help to bring about some of the textbook interpretations of this chart factor. I would say that Venus square Pluto is beneficial for being able to change one's image - there may be struggles involved, but the consciousness-raising tendency of the square helps to shed any destructive tendencies in a way which the trine between these planets might not. Venus and Pluto get on well in myth, which is an indication that these planets can join forces relatively easily no matter what the aspect.

I think that hard aspects from transiting Jupiter to the ascendant would probably only be problematic if there were already tensions in the chart. All in all I think they would be better for making changes than the soft aspects.

We always need to check for stagnation where Saturn is placed, so Venus Saturn could benefit from periodically taking stock of how the sense of beauty and value have coalesced in the individual's life, and whether or not there is a need to let go of any fears and attitudes which are inhibiting the experience of self-love and pleasure. Saturn in Taurus could be similar in some ways, because it suggests a need to establish a set of values and secure that which is valued in order to feel shielded against the vicissitudes of life. Again, there is the possibility of doing this too rigidly so that the Taurian potential to build and enjoy is inhibited.

I think any transit or progression challenges the current sense of self in some way, and any change in the sense of self might be helped along or marked by a change in the way we adorn ourselves, which can include posture and vocabulary as well as clothes and hair style.

I think Mars can be great for giving the courage to make changes of any kind, but generally speaking I don't think that, in itself, it spends too much time in front of the mirror. Its more interested in seeing its potency reflected back to it in the affects which it has had on the world around it.

I think transiting planets through the houses are more likely to have an affect when they cross an angle, and when the aspect another planet from the house which they are transiting. Otherwise, it would be a very long and drawn out image change for someone with a slow planet through the first house.

These are just my thoughts, anyway..
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