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Re: Change of appearence

Transits and progressions involving the Ascendant, MC, Sun and Venus, would perhaps be the ones to watch for, keeping in mind the issues of rulership (eg someone with Virgo rising might go for a new image with transiting Jupiter on their natal Mercury.) Also the natural houses of the Sun and Venus - the 5th and 7th, especially if one is trying to attract a mate through this image change.

If the image change involves an alignment with the collective in some waym then Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all seem to me to be likely candidtes. Saturn may suddenly feel a need to change image in an attempt to appear more respectable, or in some cases because the respectable image one has been maintaining now feels futile. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune might also feel the need to reach out to be part of a group, which might involve am image change. Since transits to Urans and Neptune are less significant, perhaps natal connections to these planets, which are then triggered by the transit, may be more likely to produce an image change, although something like progressed Sun of Venus aspecting Uranus or Neptune could give rise the need to chang image.

Mars may be involved it the person decides they need an image which shows how potent they are. Mercury might be involved it the person decides they need to look more intelligent.

Plastic surgery is probably a more complex issue, as there are often underlying wounds which one is trying to purge oneself of - Michael Jackson being a famous example. In cases such as this perhaps the Moon is more likely to be involved, or perhaps the 2nd house. Chiron also springs to mind as the planet which feels the gap between the reality of life and the ideal.

Some people are naturally inclined to keep changing their image, while some would only do it at significant junctures in their life.
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