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Re: Taurus in the fifth house

It's going to be inadequate to JUST focus on one aspect of the chart but since that is the question, here is something about it:
With Taurus on the cusp of the fifth house there is an emphasis on love and beauty, harmony and getting along. So you are romantically inclined, and physical affection is important to you. You have a very loving nature toward your offspring, but the fixed nature of Taurus suggests very strong and fixed views regarding their behavior and the proper upbringing. You have a tendency to adore your offspring, dote on them, and sometimes you may spoil them. Often, the offspring of this sign are artistic, talented, and have social graces. The Taurus influence also suggests personal artistic talents, and you may have a natural artistic ability leading to self-expression in some form of the arts. Self-expression in any form, romantic involvement, or children, serve to mitigate the pressures and possible hardships of your youth.

It's not really FIRST love, but it means that the native would like 'stability' & sincerity in love/romance so that could be a reason for holding on to those memories but likely when another chance comes along the needs might be fulfilled. Most likely the person would value loyalty rather than a promiscuous attitude but need to look at the other placements/planets on the chart.
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