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Re: Should I ever proceed into an interview with that job?

(Following is not in accordance with standard horary practice and uses whole sign house format)

Whether or not querent will obtain the job is an open question, however this is completely an advice-request question, and in answer to this request for advice from the Cosmos:

-querent = 1st house = Sagittarius = Jupiter
-quesited = 10th house = Virgo = Mercury
-Lucky Strike NN is in the first whole sign house = + testimony
-co-significator Moon is in the first house and flows toward quesited Mercury = + testimony
-quesited Mercury flows toward querent Jupiter = + testimony
-significator all flow toward the Part of Fortune = + testimony
-querent significator is in the chart's 6th whole sign house = - testimony
-no applying aspects between the significators = - testimony

Positive = +4 testimonies
Negative = -2 testimonies
Net = +2 testimonies

Answer: with a net +2 testimonies, I believe the Cosmos is saying yes you should proceed to take an interview with that company.
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