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Re: Carl Payne Tobey's Correspondence Course

[QUOTE=Frank;359043]You might want to check with Michael Erlewine (who I used to work with at Matrix) QUOTE]

Speaking of Matrix and other software related stuff, I use a Mac and am **** limited with just IO Horoscope as basic, servicable software. Recently I bought Parallels so now can run Windoze programs and as soon as I can (Santa Claus hear me please) want to get Kepler which not only draws up Carl's Secondary Charts but also will draw up a chart with whichever planet you choose sitting on the ascendant (e.g. a Mars chart to check out a client's sex/career/etc. life.) I would find this very handy because it make seeing if a, say square to Mars, is a 4th house or 10th house square.

Bettty Baxter was always on my case to switch to Kepler, but I hate Windoze and until now, couldn't run their programs on my Mac. I think Kepler costs ~$300.00 US.

Best to all.
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