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Re: Carl Payne Tobey's Correspondence Course

I'll look into it and probably others on this thread will do more than I. I'm pretty well overwhelmed with what I already have from over the years .

Carl wrote lots of articles for the national astrology magazines (as well as very successful national syndocated astrology column that took up half a page in the Sunday comics,) but was, frankly, overlooked by a great many of his contemporaries (Notable Exception: Grant Lewi) He went his own way (especially for a Taurus.) AFAIK he never even owned his own home, which he easily could have. (I OTOH have Taurus rising - Aquarius as my Secondary) and live 3 blocks away from the hospital where I was born 55 years ago!)

After so many years of his truly radical and very abstract Frames of Reference discoveries being pretty much ignored/forgotten/dismissed, it's wonderful to find a seed community of people who appreciate his genius.

Best to all.
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