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Re: my past life

Originally Posted by tsmall View Post
PTV, I recently read this old post from this forum...

following the directions given, and if you read my posts here

You will see that there is "some" affininity with eclipses.

Per the directions in the above post, I followed the trail to a date of death of past life to 20 June 1955... and lo and behold (and I am no longer surprised about eclipses) we find an eclipse on the approx. date of death of previous incarnation....any interpretations, since you have studied so much on reincarnation?
No, actually associating astrology with past lives is rather new to me...other than having been taught that the Moons' South Node does indicate the direction from which the soul entered into this life...that and that I've heard it alluded to/mentioned a couple of times in the last 30 years that there is a theory that Retrograde planets somehow demonstrate past life indications...all else is new to me on this subject.
I've never really been concerned with 'past lives' least not until relatively recently, the reason for concern now being as to an alleged prior life, one of notoriety, involved with the Arthurian legend and also because as the subject came up in such a dramatic and profound way...and subsequently, signs, indications [and the such] and then a revelation of a life in Israel 2000 years ago... as to whom I was in those times and as to why my return now [according to those prophecies/predictions] does make for my concern presently. I haven't the slightest recollection of either of those two lives...but I've had a number of recurring/haunting nightmares and peculiar knee-jerk aversions all my life that were reveled to have been the result of having been burned alive at the stake in 14th century France as I was Knight Templar in France at that time. [I realize how kitsch all this sounds...what with all the hoopla about the 'Templar business these past 15 years or so...but, Trevor Ravenscroft and Rudolph Steiner both predicted the return of a great many of those souls in time for the fact I started reading up on the 'Templars' back in 1999...and found it rather curious that suddenly afterwards there were all sorts of writing, TV programs and a number of movies on or associated with the subject....but as I have natal Mars trine my North Node my life has always been kinda like that...I always seem to decide to turn off onto some 'side street/path' to find that there is a parade or convoy just a short way back.

Quite very frankly...I'm convinced there's good reason we don't have that info and all those past life memories this time around...but if the 'facts' present themselves to us sometime during our lives then there has to be good reason for that even better reason one would want to say.
...and in my estimation what all that boils down to is this...

IMHO I think that Iris Dement stated it best: "Let the Mystery Be"
You Are A Divine Creation Of The Universe

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