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Re: my past life

Originally Posted by HipHopHippy View Post
Thanks for the replies . I know the theory does seem kinda absurd at first, but its too much of a coincidence the the node is at a degree that corresponds to the civil war, and the castle was seiged then.
Well, Radhu made a good argument given the example he is an uncanny co-incidence...I'd say.
But, I've never heard of anything like this proposed before and it seems like a 'stab' at a hypothesis made more for an attempt at recognition rather than something that He discerned or intuited.
One could look at the birth charts assoc. with the subjects of clairvoyants/psychics that have given past life readings and I.D.s or have been hypno-regressed...[if one has access to such data]
What Mann did was come up with a theory that is a 'Safe Bet', [ifyaknowaddimean] in my opinion.

Today I was at the used book store and found a couple of books on 'Astrology and Re-incarnation'. They are titled "Karmic Astrology, The Moons Nodes and Reincarnation" and "Karmic Astrology, Retrogrades and Reincarnation" and they are by Martin Schulman and published by Samuel Weiser [a wonderful publisher of some of the most interesting and illuminating books as any I've ever come across.]
The first book I saw by the author was on the Part of Fortune...and truthfully, I found it very disappointing. He has little grasp of what the Part is even that he claims it provides 'Increase' [and the implication was in material things/ wealth.] which, since Mr. Schulmann wrote his book in the late 70s early 80s, most advanced astrologers, that use Arabic Part, know is not the case...[as it has to do with succeeding in doing ones dharma..and ones 'dharma' does not necessarily bestow increase in wealth because one is completing it....For example, if in fact it were ones dharma to be a 'Sunyassi' ...that is; a yogi that is a renunciate...well, it would be quite the opposite.],
I read a few paragraphs from, various chapters through out, the book on the Nodes and I like what I saw. I didn't have the time to peruse the one on Retrogrades but as it is the second volume of the set I had to purchase it as well, and am optimistic that I'll find something[s] in it that will add to what knowledge or understanding I have presently.
I've got a back load of reading I want to do...but I may move this up the list...I'll keep ya' all informed of what I might learn and or think of the material itself.
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