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Re: 8/5/09 Eclipse

My Ephemeries (The American Ephemeries) give the Lunar Eclipse at 0.40 hours on the 6th of August, not the 5th. Sun will be at 13° Aquarius 43' at 0.56 hours on the 6th of August.

Only very close conjunctions and oppositions (within 2°) with a natal planet might be felt. Usually only the house where the Eclipse falls into could experience some Eclipsy influence.

In my chart it squares my Sun (14°) and opposes Pluto, Asc. ruler (11°) so I take the opposition as more important. The Eclipse falls in my 3rd house. I could therefore get some inpact from it, concerning neighbors, brothers or sisters or traffic/communication. Just have to see which one it will be.

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