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Re: What do you think of this synastry chart ?

Originally Posted by Seiferal View Post
I keenly read what you shared and I wanted to share one of the dreams I had with/of this person a few days ago.
Originally Posted by Seiferal View Post
We are not in contact at the moment,

Hi again Seiferal,

do you already really know -if she also prefers a woman as her sexual partner ? Yours is shown in your chart as a possible choice - but I have doubts if it is same for her from her chart.

She is born with a leo AC - for leo AC's father and father eperience has a strong important influence - Especially with pluto ruling her 5th house - house of father and father experience in childhood and also house of selfidentification and own sexuality.

With pluto as ruler of 5th in 4th house - mother and being a woman - her father left an intense "stamp-impression" in her feelings - probably as well by what she has witnessed from her mother's interactions with her father in their marriage - in her childhood as well. Her scorpio moon in 5th house inconjuncts her aries chiron - who squares her mars in 7th house. What she experienced in her childhood influences as well her own relationships and might also be something subconsiously taken over from own parents.

Her uranus rules her 8th house and squares her saturn in leo in first house as co ruler of 6th house. She might have had to learn early to build up sensitive antennas and inner warnings concerning partners. And to better not get dominated and is very sensitive about her own reputation in society and to not get a victim outside there in this subject - doubled by sun in 8th house squaring jupiter in 11th.
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