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Re: Will I lose my current job?

Originally Posted by ScorpAsc5 View Post
A scare was introduced to my life on Friday as I or my whole team could lose current job. Hence I could not buy real estate property. I am more concern to have a stable job as a starter than to know if I will be able to find a condominium this year.
Also, I am on work visa in the US. Thank you!

Hello ScorpAsc,

from my pers. view on and from your chart and transits - you will not loose your job.

Mars rules 6th house work, sun rules 10th house career and pluto rules your financial income 2nd house.

Your finance ruler pluto and your money income is trined by transiting neptune- what is a good sign – as money mostly comes from work.

Transiting jupiter as co-ruler of your 2nd house - money income -will sextile your mars as ruler of your work – exact on january 26,2020 is for me a good sign too.

And afterwards on june 18, 2020 transiting uranus will trine your natal uranus as ruler of your 4th – your real home - to initiate something positive for you in this subject as well.

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