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Re: What do you think of this synastry chart ?


Thank you very much for your help and sharing on this topic...

I keenly read what you shared and I wanted to share one of the dreams I had with/of this person a few days ago.

I was lying on a bed in a room, on my stomach, lights off, she came to meet me, the light was on her face, she had perfectly suited make up (for her) lying on her back beneath me and then we kissed. After we kissed she seemed unsatisfied and said "it is not intense enough !" and I felt ashamed, and then she said "I don't want t open up if it is not intense enough".

We are not in contact at the moment, I don't want to feel resentment because in a sense I'd be ok if she was straight forward about what she wants of our relationship, if she states it clear that she wants friendship I'll be up and ready to transmute my attraction into something more platonic (even if I feel the friendship within this attraction).

Thank you again for your sharing Zora, merci beaucoup.

I wish you well.

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