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Re: Should i make an application to change my unit?

Originally Posted by kalinka View Post
I don't think you should. As Yuri said, Mars does not receive Moon in any dignities. Moon is now in Mars' triplicity, term and fall, which shows that you are torn back and forth. Moon is nevertheless strong at the moment in accidental and essential dignities. However when moon enters into Leo to make the trine with mars, Moon will be peregrine and also there will be no receptions between Mars and Moon.
It could be that you'll change the unit or even the job but the question is, if you should. I would say that a new work place would not change much for your well-being. Even if Jupiter (your current job) receives Moon in detriment, which suggest that Jupiter dissatisfied you...but Moon in his own rulership is better than being peregrine.
Problems with co-workers are seen due to the mutual reception by detriment between moon and saturn. Seems that both sides don't like each other.
The next aspects of the moon aren't sanguinely.
However when Moon conjoins with the NN, everything will be different thereafter. So something will happen, which you probably can't influence and there will be no need for an answer of this question anymore.
Thank you Kalinka. I appreciate for your interest. Hope smtg good for me happen.
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