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Financial Stability and Stability of Position/Job/Business

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Dear all,

I would like to ask a few questions from the learned astrologers here:

1. Will I have a disturbed marriage and disturbed relation with my kids in the future? (I am not married yet)
Should I only marry when the Kundlis match? I have a girlfriend with whom my kundli doesn't match well (as suggested so far).

2. When can I hope to see a good and stable financial status? Do you think my Saturn antardasha within Rahu Mahadasha will show good results (starting in June 2020)

3. I am currently into the digital marketing work area but I get strong urges to quit all work and just study. Do you think it will be a good step for me to quit everything to just study and appear for civil services examinations?

I also wish to change my area of work, which area of work would you suggest for me in the long run as per my chart?

4. I have Moon-Mars conjunction in the 11th house and Retro Saturn in the 5th house, what results does this produce?

Request all to kindly throw some light on the above.
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