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Re: How can we know if a 'big' year is coming from the Solar Return chart?

You'll be intrigued by the patterns found in 2013, which seem to vindicate what we covered previously.

First off, by profection you would be in your 29th year. That makes it a sixth house year, which for you falls in the sign of Sagittarius. This indicates that Jupiter is an important time lord for the year, activating his significations. We've mentioned already how important Jupiter is with regard to your spouse. Note that as a result of Jupiter's activation you will also see a focus on the 7th house (bodily placement) and 9th house (Pisces, rulership)

Solar Return of 2013, without change of the birth location. I personally don't change the birth location for solar returns, contrary to popular belief I don't think it's a requirement for accuracy.

Initially I had to check if I selected the solar return option because of how similar this year's chart is to your natal. Another way that a solar return indicates a significant or "big" year, is if the 1st house of the natal also rises in the SR. The Saturn return that you were in the midst of shows up in a mirroring of its natal placement, as it rules the 7th house and is located in the 5th house of Scorpio.

What really gets me in this chart is the placement of the ascendant ruler, Moon. It's location is in the 9th sign and on the last degree of Pisces. You could not find a more poignant symbol for a permanent transition overseas. The 12th house stellium which includes the solar luminary is also another testimony of travel/displacement.

There is more to the year. Here is the lunar return for the month you met your wife.

See what we have here? It was a 7th house month, for both the year and by natal correspondence. A dignified Moon-Jupiter conjunction is found on the descendant, in this chart Moon rules the 7th and Jupiter assumes a similar place as it does in the natal. Saturn is notably emphasized by being the most elevated planet, and we are aware that in your case Saturn is significant for relationships.

What about the month you got married to her?

Yes, this is a different chart. Uncanny right? Once again we see the exact same Moon-Jupiter conjunction gracing the 7th house in the month you got married. This time we see a minor, but still personally significant difference with the planets at the MC. In your natal, Mars and Saturn are in conjunction in the 5th, indicating their importance for you in the realm of romance. If you look closely, you would notice that the MC degree is at the midpoint of Mars/Saturn. There were some ancient astrologers who attributed the 10th house to marriage, which has validity when you see what kind of role marriage plays in the societal/social status context.

On your 30th, Saturn was prominent for a few reasons. The profection year was a 7th house year, which means that the sign Capricorn was in focus. This again activates Jupiter, which rules 6th and 9th. The planetary years given to Saturn is 30, which means that this year is significant for Saturn and what it represents in your chart. And of course, you were in the middle of a Saturn return.

Saturn and Jupiter are all over your 29th and 30th year, and this seemed to have corresponded with a lot of changes in your life, not only with regard to your life but in other ways that fit the symbolism of these "societal planets". For instance, a marriage and a business certainly gives one a more respectable image/status in the eyes of society, and the responsibility involved in both require a maturity that the first Saturn return is ideally supposed to inculcate.
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