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ok thanks for your input. there’s no social media contact either. I won’t be reaching out whatsoever (I've tried in the past---now to my limit).

Mercury rules 9th and 7th, who else might this be, if perhaps peripheral?

Edit: I've since decided I would like to return the engagement ring in the mail (overseas) to his (other, fraternal) grandmother, who's wedding ring it is. Perhaps this is it... (mother) 10th from his 4th (father) is my 7th. With moon in the 8th, his 2nd, seems likely.

Following the train of thought listed above, to speculate moon's final aspect before leaving the sign of Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun is intercepted, so hard to qualify what it signifies aside from assuming his co-ruler. In spite of the actions of the moon assuming this is what the chart entails, I would still like to know what the signifactors Mercury/Sun (him) conjuncting my ASC means in light of everything described.

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