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Re: Why Can't I "Work"?

Hi again JennaJ

I have finally taken a closer look at your chart now.
I feel you are a free spirit....with uranus ruling sun,moon,merc sat and conj your venus...and touching your mars aswell.... all your most personal planets.!!
On top of this you seem very responsible with that sun/saturn. Of course sun/sat can give a low selfconfidence and coupled with the chiron opp that EJ53 told you about.
You feel a bit to me like the Archetype Artemis. Her work comes out of a strong inner connection to something more than herself. If you find some work that can lead further than for your own good,.... you need the aquarian feeling of doing it for the betterment of the people of earth (or something like that)...then you can become the most hardworking trustworthy person in the world . But it has to be a free-working situation...where all your unusual creative ideas can blurp up.!!

you are not even 18 years old yet!! well, stop demanding a lot of yourself (saturn/sun)and do, do, do...just because it is fun, soon you will end up doing so much that you probably need this time to just enjoy.I think you pick up what you need from this course you are doing. And i definitely think that the art/designing/sculpture/installations or similar, are your way.

PS.jenna, please clear your inbox..Im trying to send you a privat message and it says your inbox is full..))))

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