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Re: Multiple double whammies in synastry chart (10?)

Originally Posted by ellie04 View Post
Hmm... then we don't know if your angles are actually conjunct.

DWs are signifiant. They highlight major themes in the r/s. You've Sun-Mercury, Sun-Venus, Sun-Jupiter, Neptune-Mars...these are all nice. But you also have Neptune square Venus DW. Be careful of too much idealisation of each other. And Chiron square/opposite Venus...I've read that the harsh aspects between Venus-Chiron can bring a lot of pain. And like I said, your composite looks challenging.

Do you know if he likes you back?
Yes, I thought there must be something significant going on, because like I mentioned, I'm usually not interested in men younger than me, and he really is quite a bit younger. I would never have even looked twice at him otherwise. I thought maybe the double-whammies have something to do with what seems a VERY different connection than anything I've ever experienced with someone before.

Ah, I can definitely see that about Neptune and Venus. I do have Neptune in the 5th house, so I'm sure I must be something of a hopeless romantic. Then again, it IS in Capricorn, so maybe that helps to temper it a bit? I'm not sure.

About the composite, are Uranus and Neptune connections (at least that many) considered karmic in any way?

And yes, it seems we are mutually interested, which is why I finally came here to ask about it!
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