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Lets talk about neptune

For the past few weeks I've been doing extensive research on daydreaming and dissociation and here's my attempt to tie astrology into this.

Eli Somer coined the term maladaptive daydreaming to explain a condition not present in the DSM-5; a condition chracterized by excessive daydreaming that interferes with social, occupational and vocational functioning. It's characterized by daydreaming, making up intricate story lines, and also repetitive movements such as pacing up and down.

Before Eli Somer, Wilson and Borger coined the term the fantasy prone personality to signify a type of person that can literally hallucinate any daydream they want, in an almost a waking dream like manner. -This is not schizophrenia and it's slightly different from maladaptive daydreaming because they can vividly sense it their daydreams. They are more likely to believe in paranormal activity, also have experienced out of body experiences, and sometimes even claim to have sleep paralysis, and have hypnagogic imagery.

Daydreaming can be a symptom of various disorders such as BPD, NPD and shizotypal personality disorder.

Daydreaming is also a form of dissociation and very close to something called absorption; a dissociative trait characterized by intensely getting involved in their mental imagery. It is also associated with other forms of dissociation except for amnesia. So it's related to depersonalization and derealization.

Now let's discuss some drugs that lead to dissociative states. LSD works on the 5-HT2A serotonergic receptors which has been faciliated in psychotherapy to induce waking dreams, and some of these patients had dreams, hallucinations about time periods, even god, spiritual and mythical content, and memories from when they were one!! LSD also is a drug said to cause dissociation and in this case depersonalization where they feel one with one another.

CIA has used LSD to do experiments by the way!! I really wonder why!

Ketamine is another dissociation drug that acts on the brains NMDA receptors to increase glutamate, the on-switch button of our brain. THis is what leads to more neural connections, and more neurons to fire. It has been used to treat depression (as has LSD) by inducing a more worry-free, less resistant dissociative state. Ketemine also has been used as an anesthetic so the higher parts of the brain are not as attached to the lower parts of the brain as to not feel as much pain.

Which brings me to my final point. Neptunians (the ones that have a brain factor associated with neptune or pisces) have a unique architecture to their brain that enables them to dissociate and achieve altered states. Neptunians have ideas too which is something that gets overlooked and overshadowed by Uranus but it does get ideas but it's with so much to explore that it gets lost but sometimes reaches spiritual realization that is beyond anyone else's reach.

I think I was shown by one person on here that mercury in pisces although it's debilitated, it comes up a lot among MENSA members.

It's interesting to note that neptunians are not as efficient with their ideas nor upfront with their ideas like uranians. Nor are they grounded, tactile and blessed with street smarts or a good memory like the other signs.

And that's why mercury was always said to be debilitated in pisces because this sign truly is one of the least understood signs. Neptunians are often characterized as beautiful bimbos aka Marilyn Monroe who was said to be gifted(don't know how true this is)

This dissociation is also what can be confused or in its negative state be a sociopath. Another finding that I found to be interesting is that trauma decreases the amygdala and hippocampus which is a trait of Borderline Personality Diosrder, Psychopaths, and in Dissociative Identity Disorder. Most of these disorders have also have lots of bouts of dissociation.

Amygdala being dampned leads to either shutting off the feelings or emotional instability in general. And hippocampus is the memory part of the brain leading to bouts of memory loss (another form of dissociation).

Some of this can also be pluto/8th house stuff as well. Both neptune and pluto are transpersonal water (unlike the moon which is pretty traditional ) so both have this etheareal otherworldy quality of them.

Anyways I feel like there's a link between dissociation which I think is oftentimes mediated through creativity(in other words a person's tendency to focus a lot on the working memory aka dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex to create vivid imagery) and a reduced volume of the hippocampus(present in BPD, DID, and psychopaths) and glutamate activity causing the firing of neurons, psychopathological elements and I think all of that is primary neptune. (Maybe Pluto)

I'd like you guys' inputs. If any of you are psychologists, I'd definitely like a discussion. I'm an undergraduate by the way majoring in Psych.

I'd like you guys
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